Protecting forests through Naturarvet

Since 2010, we have donated five percent of the revenue from our project NORR Green Partner to the natural heritage foundation Naturarvet who works to preserve Swedish old-growth forests. Altogether, we have helped protect about 13,000 square meters of forest.

Naturarvet raises money to purchase valued old-growth forest and protect biodiversity conservation in Sweden. Their latest purchase – to which NORR Green Partner has contributed – is the Iglekärr forest just north of Gothenburg. It is a beautiful mixed forest with plenty of pine, spruce and oak, but also many other species – and it completely lacks traces of forestry.

Every year, we donate five percent of the revenues from North Green Partner – about EUR 3 000 per year – to Naturarvet. The area that we have protected from logging thus far is equal to about two football fields. We have also contributed to Naturarvet receiving EUR 30,000 euros in 2015 from the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) – as well as translated Naturarvet’s website into German.