Naturkompaniet's 365

Ten years and new records

Naturkompaniet’s customer magazine 365 is celebrating ten years this year and continues to grow rapidly. During 2020, the magazine reached a total of 225,000 readers – an 11.4 percent increase! Since 2016, the magazine has increased by 108 percent, which is the highest growth of all Swedish magazines in the national media survey Orvesto Konsument, published February 16.

The strong outdoor trend and Naturkompaniet’s clear focus on quality and sustainability are three success factors behind 365, says Sofie Saberski, Marketing Manager at Naturkompaniet.

“Our ambition with 365 is to share our knowledge and passion for outdoor life and nature, and to equip people who want to go out. At the same time, we guide readers on how they can take care of both nature and gadgets.”

“The Orvesto figures also show that 365 has very loyal readers. A contributing reason is Naturkompaniet’s focus on quality, which also characterizes the magazine. Our readers demand really good quality in everything from hiking pants to journalism.”

The Swedes’ interest in sustainability and environmental issues also contributes to the success, says Sofie Saberski. Naturkompaniet has guided its customers to more sustainable choices since the 1990s and in 2019 was ranked as Sweden’s most sustainable clothing brand. Every year, its loyalty club 365 donates 1 percent of sales to non-profit projects for the environment and nature around Sweden.

“This subject is a central part of the magazine. In 365, we highlight everything from research expeditions on the climate at the North Pole, to tips on how to repair your shell jacket. ”

The magazine is made in collaboration with NORR Agency.

“We clearly see that the interest in outdoor is also increasing internationally, albeit not as much as in Sweden. And that pioneers in sustainability – companies such as Patagonia, Vaude, Houdini and Naturkompaniet – are favored today. Credibility takes a long time to build up and is a reason for the great response from the 365 readers”, says Gabriel Arthur, CEO of NORR Agency.