365 days of adventure

Welcome to a new year, to be filled with adventures both large and small. 365 takes you to Johan Rockström’s “secret” climate think tank at the remote research station in Tarfala. Here, 25 world-renowned experts in several different fields met for five days to go ski touring and to discuss possible solutions to one of humanity’s greatest challenges.

“Climate change doesn’t only represent unprecedented risks, but unprecedented opportunities as well. As a global civilization, we now have the incentive and have begun taking the first steps towards redefining our relationship to the planet and to one another,” says Johan Rockström.

365’s Karen Hensel has been on her very first dogsled expedition and experienced temperatures and challenges that were at the limits of what her and the rest of the group could endure. We also explore the cooking arts of the southern Sami, tips for winter camping and much more.

The first issue of Naturkompaniet 365 is now on its way to subscribers and to stores.

Photo: Fredrik Schenholm