with roots in nature

We started NORR in 2005 to talk about something we truly enjoy – the Scandinavian nature. An authentic narrative and environmental commitment became the company’s guiding principles. Before long, we started receiving questions from other engaged companies if we could also help them.

When we took the step of making our own magazine – NORR Skandinavien-Magazin – to help others with their communication and marketing, we wanted to do it our own way. Many of us who work at NORR Agency spend a lot of time outside in nature – and want to preserve it. Therefore, we direct ourselves towards activities that have sustainability as the guiding principle.

With our journalistic background, we know how to find the right stories and how to get people to listen to them. We like our small size, with short steps from discussions to decisions. Together with the client, we create a platform for communication. Messages, text, images and layout must interact, regardless if it is a website or a catalog.

Moving from research to ideas, drawings, planning and implementation must happen smoothly. We work with a network of other small businesses and freelancers, to easily expand the working group when necessary. Good project management and processes are just as important as the creativity. And finally, it is the result that counts.

Committed businesses always have good stories to tell. We help to find, formulate and disseminate them – in several languages and via multiple channels.

Our services

Customer Magazine
Member Magazine
Annual Report
Brochure and information
Point of sale material

Content to multiple channels
Web design

Editorial concept/storytelling
Graphic identity/graphic guidelines
Workshop on Sustainable Communication
Event development
Print Procurement