Celebrating World Ocean Day with a Clean-up-Kayak-Trip


On World Ocean Day, the 8th of June, people all over the globe can unite and take action for the blue planet. NORR Agency joins the initiative each year – changing office chairs with kayaks and paddling to places near Stockholm that urgently need a clean-up.

In 2022, our destination was Rotholmen. The tiny islet is located vis-á-vis a popular bathing place and passed by many boats on their route from the city center out to the Mälaren lake. A beautiful piece of nature that unfortunately gets quite messy under the summer season – with non-degradable leftovers from its visitors and floating urban trash accumulating  along its shores.

We started from Långholmen in central Stockholm and returned 5 hours later with 6 full garbage bags including plastic packages, bottles, cans, single-use grills and special discoveries like mattress and a half-filled yellow paint-bucket. Of course we also found time for a coffee by the sea, a jump into the water and a good talk with all colleagues, partners, and freelancers that joined the trip.

The concept of a World Ocean Day was proposed by Canada on the Earth Summit in Rio 1992 – with the mission to protect and restore our shared ocean and climate by working together.