Certified by Climate Neutral

NORR Agency is the first Swedish communications agency to be certified by Climate Neutral. The certification involves step by step reducing our carbon dioxide emissions in accordance with the UN’s climate goals.

Climate Neutral is a fast-growing non-profit organization that measures and reviews companies’ climate work. More than 300 companies and organizations have undergone the Climate Neutral process and become certified climate neutral. Our operations have been 80-90 percent climate neutral for several years. We have now taken the final steps and, above all, received approval from a third party. A major advantage of Climate Neutral is that they require a reduction in their emissions every year. This means it’s not just about climate compensation, although it is also an important part. All companies undertake to work towards “NetZero.”

An example of how we as an agency can make a difference is in the procurement of paper and printing for magazines. We produce the customer magazine Naturkompaniet 365, for example, with over 200,000 subscribers. For several years, we have required a certificate from the printing house confirming their use of renewable electricity and ensure that emissions throughout the value chain-paper production, printing and distribution-are reported and climate compensated.

The next step for NORR Agency is to try to reduce our emissions in digital services, and to reduce and climate compensate emissions from freelancers who work on behalf of us. While taking climate responsibility is important to us, we don’t only do so for our own sake. Several of our clients, such as the outdoor retailer Naturkompaniet, have ambitious goals in sustainability and climate impact.

As subcontractors, we are part of their value chain. In parallel with the Climate Neutral process, we also work with other climate projects. NORR Agency has donated more than 25,000 Euro to protect Swedish old-growth forest-an important so-called carbon sink-and we also seek to influence through the content we produce. If you want to know more about the Climate Neutral process itself, you can read Suston Magazine’s interview with our project manager Victoria Reim.