Gabriel Arthur and Gabriela Rodriguez at Impact Hub Stockholm

ImpactHub Stockholm – where sustainability happens


Since more than 15 years Impact Hub has been a catalyst for entrepreneurial action moving for a more just and sustainable society. NORR Agency have Impact Hub as basecamp since 2021 and share both office space and values.

– I have been attending engaging Impact Hub events from time to time over the years, and we at NORR Agency share the vision that entrepreneurs should act for positive impact in society and for the environment. It’s great that we now get the chance to have Impact Hub as our basecamp in Stockholm, says Gabriel Arthur, CEO of NORR Agency.

Today the co-working network includes over 100 Impact hubs and 16 900 members in more than 60 countries. Impact Hub Stockholm is climate-positive since 2020 and is compensating by offsetting 150 % or their carbon emissions. Environmentally-designed furniture, zero emission energy, bamboo toilet paper and smart lightning are just a few of many sustainable choices they’ve made.

– We believe a better world is possible through the collaborative efforts of everyday individuals, committed for a common purpose. That’s why we’ve focused on reducing our coworking space’s carbon footprint, by choosing to collaborate with sustainable and ethical suppliers. Meanwhile, we do what we can to support our community every step of the way. Together we’re prototyping the future of business and society, says Gabriela A. Rodriguez, CEO at Impact Hub Stockholm

2022 Impact Hub Stockholm was awarded Best Coworking Space in the Nordics by the Nordic Startup Awards. Congratulations and it feels great to be a part of such a meaningful network.