New identity for NORR magazine

NORR magazine turns 15 years in 2020 and celebrates itself with a brand new identity including new modern logotype, playful visual elements and flexible fonts.

NORR Agency has developed a new brand identity for its own publication NORR magazine. The goal was to transform the traditional print brand into a modern community brand that can exist in different areas/media and reflects the brands core Nordic Nature such as its values Personal, Conscious, Active and Professional. 


With Maison Neue and Austin News we chose two modern, flexible and multi-faceted fonts with an own distinct character. The logo is constructed as a stencil font, based on the sans serif font Maison Neue, which symbolizes the practical and professional. The fact that it can be varied in different ways and be disassembled and rebuilt in in a playful way represents the personal part: We are friends, have fun together and can find different new things. It also hints at NORR’s brand core Nordic Nature through its functional but modern appearance. It has a clear editorial feel to also highlight the journalistic (= professional) values.



Two other expressions unique for NORR’s new identity are the cross and the circle. They are created for magazine covers but can also be used for brand communication if needed. The cross on the cover expresses the idea of ​​destination, in sight, on the way. There is also a strong association with the Nordic flags (all the Nordic flags have the cross in common). The cross has flexibility. It holds all the information on the cover in a simple yet playful way. For example, headings may be vertical without feeling forced. It gives a consistent, professional and calm impression. Creates harmony and balance, and contributes to NORR’s visual identity. The circle is also an identity carrier, which in its simplicity represents a compass symbolizing adventure, discovering something new.

The result: a visual identity that is derived from the brands core values, but also offers flexibility, new combinations and possibilities. Perfect to take NORR into a new era.