Our Stockholm: How to meet readers and find new friends

We invited 10 readers to visit us to see where NORR magazine is produced and experience Stockholm the way we love it. After 5 days, we had 10 new friends and a lot of new insights about our target group.

For the second year in a row NORR has organized a reader trip to Stockholm. Over the course of five days we discovered the city and the surrounding nature together: Hiked, cycled and paddled, visited the team’s favorite museums, restaurants and bars. Not least, we had a “fika” at the office where our guests could watch the NORR production in progress.

For us, an event like this is important for several reasons:

1. Reader insights: A perfect possibility to meet our readers and to get their perspective face to face. A rare chance, as NORR is produced in Sweden but for the German market. Five days for learning more about what they appreciate (or not) and wish from us.

2. Community & branding: NORR is a magazine for everyone who loves the northern countries. From friends of Scandinavia for friends of Scandinavia. Events like this and their documentation in magazine and social media emphasize this brand value.

3. New Business model: Can travel experiences be a profitable business area for NORR Agency? How does it work? And what are our target groups? Questions you only can answer with a reality test.