Naturkompaniet 365

Why choose a more expensive retail chain that focuses on quality, sustainability and expertise when there are discount chains? In the outdoor chain Naturkompaniet’s magazine 365 the 164,000 satisfied readers get the answer. NORR Agency is responsible for the editorial production of 365.

In the autumn of 2010, Naturkompaniet wanted to turn the company’s popular catalog into a modern and inspiring magazine. We were given the responsibility to develop the editorial concept and then produce the magazine 365. We did this together with Spectra Design and Spoon. Since 2015, NORR Agency has been responsible for the entire production, in cooperation with Naturkompaniet. 2018 365 won the Swedish Publishing Prize in the category “customer magazine”.

Environmental focus

The national yearly Orvesto survey shows that about 164,000 readers devote considerable reading time to the magazine, as well as that Naturkompaniet does reach out with their message. For example, the company’s environmental profile is appreciated, as readers rank the environment as one of their five main areas of interest. In parallel, Naturkompaniet built up the customer club 365, which is closely associated with the magazine.

Content for multiple channels

Much of the editorial material we produce in Swedish 365 is revisited in Naturkompaniet’s other channels. Among other things, our collection of material guides, inspired by old-time school posters, are used as store posters.

Print procurement

We are responsible for the procurement and project management of print production in several of our assignments. In addition to quality and price, we always consider the environmental aspects in the choice of printer, paper and transportation. The production is climate-compensated and the paper is FSC certified.