NORR Magazine: Scandinavian outdoor and lifestyle

Our own German magazine NORR Magazin was born out of two questions. What is it that we want to write about most? And who would love to read about it? The answer to the first question was the Scandinavian outdoors. The answer to the second was German outdoor lovers.

The magazine – and the company – was founded in 2005. Those of us behind NORR Scandinavia-Magazin had no connection to Germany, but thanks to our network of many knowledgeable German contributors, NORR was a success among the readers from the start. Since 2005, we have distributed NORR Magazin in Germany, Austria and Switzerland four times a year: spring, summer, winter and fall.

Today, NORR Magazin reaches about 70,000 readers. The content is a mix of nature, recreation and the environment. Over the years, we have also written increasingly about Scandinavian design, architecture, food and more – always with nature as a common theme. Another important element is our image selection and design, which our readers have given the highest rating since its inception.

The editorial and sales staff is located in Stockholm, and we have contract employees in Helsinki and Berlin. NORR Magazin collaborates with several companies that are leaders in sustainability efforts within our niches, such as Scandic, Forum Anders Reisen and Fjällräven.