Partioaitta 365

When Finland’s largest outdoor retail chain was bought by Naturkompaniet, we were tasked with making 365 in Finnish. The aim was not to translate the Swedish version – the goal was to work with Partioaitta and make Finland’s best outdoor magazine.

When we received the assignment in 2012, Partioaitta was very clear: to ensure that a customer magazine attracts their customers, the content must feel genuine, knowledgeable and engaging. In cooperation with Partioaitta and our Finnish-speaking editor, we analyzed what could be taken from the Swedish version of 365, and what we wanted to add to make the magazine more Finnish.

Partioaitta did not have their own address list, but chose to let customers subscribe for free subscriptions. In the course of three years, over 40,000 people subscribed – a proof that Partioaitta’s audience appreciates the Finnish version of 365. In 2016, Partioaitta established the customer club 365, where the magazine is a platform for communication.

Content to multiple channels

Much of the editorial material we produce in Finnish 365 is revisited in Partioaitta’s digital channels. This includes published news material and our line of outdoor guides for the different activities on Partioaitta’s website.

Print procurement

We are responsible for the procurement and project management of print production in several of our assignments. In addition to quality and price, we always consider the environmental aspects in the choice of printer, paper and transportation. The production is climate-compensated and the paper is FSC certified.