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Our B2B magazine, Suston Magazine, have guided and inspired towards positive change within the outdoor community since 2017. Our newsletter Suston Monthly is our latest addition – remember to sign up!

Since the start, we have had this mission with Suston Magazine to push, guide and inspire the outdoor industry towards positive change. Over these years, we can see that so many good steps have been taken. Can this industry even become a leader, that others can follow? We think so – but at the same time, the journey has only just begun.

What we also see is the rising interest for sustainability within the broader outdoor community – as well as their rising interest for Suston Magazine. Our online platform has doubled its numbers of visitors within the last year, and out Suston Monthly has an opening rate that doubles what is usually seen as best practice for newsletters.

This is our conviction: The outdoor industry and the outdoor enthusiasts who go skitouring, climbing, trekking, etc in many ways share the same visions and goals. Therefore, we will in 2023 reach out and include the outdoor community even more, both in our spring magazine and online. Our upgraded, bold vision: To be the leading voice for a sustainable outdoor community. We will share more in Suston Monthly, so make sure you have signed up.

Gabriel Arthur, Editor-in-chief Suston Magazine.